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Making the Case to Corporates in a Challenging Global and Political Context

Christie Johnson

Uncertainty, unpredictability and loss are universal truths that the arts and culture sector have been facing for a number of years now. The sector has been extremely fortunate and benefited from a substantial level of public funding however that has now declined due to the economic downturn. Arts organisations have had to undertake some serious …

Is British politeness holding us back in fundraising?

By Nicola Bullen on   |  
Nicola Bullen Profile

In the UK – manners matter. We say sorry when someone walks into us and would rather come up with a convoluted plotline riddled with holes than admit we simply don’t want to attend your birthday party. And there’s certainly the idea that talking casually about money is rude and altogether unbecoming. Stereotype? Perhaps. But …

Small is Beautiful: Profile Raising and Digital Fundraising

By Dav Williams on   |  

Over the duration of our Fundraising Fellowship, we have learned that it is crucial to tie into larger national campaigns and awareness weeks where possible. This was discussed in detail at our Practical Digital Fundraising training session with Digital Fundraising Entrepreneur, Howard Lake. One such example of this is Small Charity Week (running from the …

After They Were Fellows

By Patrick Reynolds on   |  
Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds, Fellow for Royal Exchange Theatre in conversation with Jessica Hilton, the Royal Exchange Theatre’s new Membership Manager.   Patrick Reynolds: For those who don’t know you, would you like to just introduce yourself, what you did on the Arts Fundraising Fellowship and what you’ve been up to since? Jessica Hilton: I was a Year 2 …

Taking on a Fundraising Challenge

By Cat Palmer on   |  
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Back in December 2015, I wrote about using Giving Tuesday to launch Wiltshire Music Centre’s Vitality Bath Half Marathon campaign. Now I’d like to talk about something broader: why I think arts organisations should consider including challenge events as part of their fundraising strategy. They’re risky. They’re time-intensive. They can be difficult to convert one-time …