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Legacies and the National Trust

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

On 11th February myself and the nine other London and South West fundraising fellows were lucky enough to be invited behind the scenes of one of the UK’s largest and best loved charities. The National Trust. The fundraising team at the headquarters at Heelis, Swindon were kind enough to share their wisdom with us on everything …

Marketing Your Way to Fundraising Success

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

Our first training sessions of the year kicked off a couple of weeks ago, with a day at the Foundling Museum, for Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy’s Practical Digital Fundraising course with Howard Lake. The session was full of useful tips on how to make the most of your online presence, from checking the time it takes for …

Fundraising from Trusts and Foundations: Spreading your Bets

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

Through my training work for the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme, and with our graduate Arts Fundraising Fellows, I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently talking with people in the arts about the best ways to fundraise through Trusts & Foundations.  I’ve summarized a few key points below, which I hope will help others and/or …

Choreographing your fundraising strategy

By Amanda Rigali on   |  
Fern Potter

I find it remarkable that so many of my colleagues working in dance are fearful of fundraising, and especially in asking people for money. “How do you do it?” I’m frequently asked. My standard response: “I think of fundraising as choreographing a dance….it’s a process that requires one to be imaginative, creative, acting with integrity and …