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Beth Harvey, Fundraising fellow at Liverpool Philharmonic, shares five key messages for emerging fundraisers

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

In November this year, in the beautiful setting of the East Sussex countryside, The Management Centre welcomed a team of enthusiastic and eager to learn fundraisers from the UK and abroad. A week at the National Arts Fundraising School (NAFS) is a completely immersive experience.  We were hungry for knowledge of all things fundraising, from experts …

How can we change public perceptions so that the arts are recognised as REAL charities?

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“When the arts can feed, clothe and shelter people, that’s when I’ll start giving!” Even in recession the UK remains a generous society, with the average Britain donating £10 a month to charitable causes.[1] However, the arts remain low, low down in terms of the public’s charities of choice.  Falling far behind medical research, children, animals …

Where do you sit on the Data Maturity Spectrum?

By Amanda Rigali on   |  
Leo Sharrock

Not a question you get asked every day, but it’s one that I recently asked the delegates at the start of the first of four workshops Using and Managing Data in Fundraising – part of Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy’s training programme. It’s an interesting question if you want to evaluate whether and how much scope …

Jessica Hilton, Arts Fundraising Fellow, Hull Truck Theatre, shares her Top 5 tips for starting out in fundraising

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You know that you work at an exciting place when you nip to make a brew and bump into Macbeth, his witches and Julius Caesar in the corridor. That really sums up my first month at Hull Truck – the building feels alive and busy, whether its schools taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, …