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DONATE – Can Arts Fundraising go mobile?

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

Paul Cutts is the CEO of the National Funding Scheme, the pioneer programme of ‘DONATE’; the multi platform digital fundraising tool. We were lucky to have him come to present to the Arts Fundraising Fellows earlier in January. Paul started his presentation by painting the bleak but realistic picture of funding for the arts in …

What is the role of a Trustee in fundraising and philanthropy?

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

As statutory funding is squeezed, many of us involved in fundraising for arts charities face a significant challenge. Common perception is that arts charities will suffer the most as government money dries up . The alarmists go one step further and point out that foundations and wealthy individuals may not regard arts organisations as the …

Celebrating a new Consortium for Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

The crisis facing arts organisations in this economic climate is well documented. We know from our work with a wide-range of cultural organisations that as private sector giving in the arts comes under increasing pressure, and with Government adamant that it will not restore lost funding to the arts but will rely instead on a drive to increase …