Dance UK

Dance-UK-Banner-no-logo-e1372156606438Dance UK is the pre-eminent support organisation for UK professional dance. Its membership reaches 1000 individuals and 230 corporates (including most dance organisations in the Arts Council England National Portfolio).

Dance UK facilitates industry-wide knowledge and peer-to-peer learning, provides talent development initiatives, champions workforce resilience and healthier dancers, and leads sector-wide collaborations to maximise the use of resources. Dance UK also leads advocacy for the industry, creating the conditions in which diverse, high quality dance can thrive.

In 2013 Dance UK successfully applied for Arts Council England Catalyst consortium funding to work in a new partnership with Youth Dance England ( and Association of dance of the African Diaspora ( Together they are developing an ambitious shared fundraising programme with the aim to secure significant levels of new resources into dance education, youth dance, dancers health and career development.