Free Word


Free Word works at the meeting point of literature, literacy and free expression as a catalyst for local, national and international collaborations that explore the transformative power of the word.

Free Word is an international centre that brings together under one roof six Founder Members Apples & Snakes; Arvon Foundation; ARTICLE19; English PEN; The Literary Consultancy; and The Reading Agency – and over 25 Associates – to enhance their work and the profile of their sectors.

Free Word runs a year round programme of events that promote, protect and democratise the power of the word for creative and free expression. It is also a dynamic production centre and laboratory. Working in close collaboration with its FMs and Associates, its three Lines of Enquiry – The Power of Translation, How Might We Live Now and Unheard Voices – investigate and debate key questions of our time, challenging official narratives and engaging a multiplicity of creative voices globally.