Useful Resources

A Practical Guide to Lawful Fundraising and Data Usage for Arts and Cultural Organisations

This Practical Guide to Lawful Fundraising provides arts and cultural organisations with an understanding of the practical steps that must be taken to fundraise in a legally compliant manner and in accordance with best practice.  This information is accurate at the time of writing, however, data protection law is constantly developing and the regulatory landscape is changing all the time.  Please check the Information Commissioner’s website for updates to data protection law and regulatory guidance.

The website also provides guidance on data protection and will shortly include updates with reference to new legislation under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect from May 2018.

Sample Data Management Policy Structure

The Audience Agency have put together a sample Data Management Policy Structure worksheet as a suggested approach to addressing personal data management provide a framework for working towards and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations. You can download the document here

Ethical Fundraising Policy Template

We have drafted a best practice Ethical-Fundraising-Policy-Template.pdf which is available to download. Please email Michelle Wright via this link if you are a Trustee or CEO interested in exploring further how to implement such a policy.

Twine: The Truth About Arts Fundraising

Arts Professional is working in partnership with Twine, a consortium led by The Empty Space, to present a series of articles sharing learning from its exploration of the fundraising challenges faced by small touring theatre companies. Useful articles include: