Community Foundation Culture Partnerships

Community Foundation Culture Partnerships provide an independent, trusted and effective mechanism for increasing private sector support for the arts in the North East by developing arts specific funds, managing partnerships, researching current trends and advocating support for the culture sector.

Our Arts Partner service facilitates a peer to peer networking group to explore issues around raising money from the private sector.  Business support for the arts has stayed very quiet since the height of the recession. Businesses stopped long standing relationships. Individuals moved on from jobs and successful partnerships have been forgotten.

This funding will support an event to hear from business about the level of interest and engagement to support and be involved in arts activity across the North East. A panel representing the North East business community will provide delegates with an overview on the health of the business sector. The North East Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Small Business will be invited to speak. The aim of the event is to strengthen fundraising skills across the group, helping to focus limited resources in approaching business. It is also an opportunity to present to business the types of arts activity happening across the North East.

To stimulate the debate North East businesses will be surveyed prior to the event to collect data about the capacity businesses have to support the arts in the North East and refine the types of partnerships they are looking for. The results of this survey will be shared to a database of 128 individuals who receive an email newsletter.