Support for groups and networks

The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme wants to encourage and support networks, collaboration and group learning in fundraising across England in the arts and cultural sector.  We know that there are lots of informal and formal groups & networks in place, linking people through geography or sector area. We also know that networks can be fragile, dependent on one or two individuals and subject to members having the time and money to attend meetings.

We want to support groups or networks to arrange their own fundraising training event, conference, seminar or introductory meeting. To do this, we set aside some funding to pay some of the associated costs that arise from organising these events, including participants’ travel costs, venue hire, catering, fees for speakers/guests, or any other relevant expenditure.

August 2015 successful applicants
We received a total of 32 proposals for this funding. From this, we are delighted to approve support for 10 Networks across England.

February 2016 successful applicants
Following a popular funding round in August 2015, we held a second round in February 2016, receiving 23 proposals and funding a further 10 Networks across England.

May 2016 successful applicants
We held a third round of applications for support in May 2016, with 8 successful project proposals.