Nuffield Theatre

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Nestled between a city-port with international status and a University active on the global scene, Nuffield has worked to develop a profile and reputation that reaches well beyond Southampton. The leading cultural provider to the city, Nuffield is fundamentally repositioning itself within the national landscape as a commissioner, developer and producer of high quality theatre.

Steeped in an environment of ideas, teaching and debate, Nuffield continues to work with a broad range of the local community, and is creating a bespoke and diverse artist development strategy, providing opportunities for training and professional development. In 2014 the City and the company celebrated their joint 50th birthdays. In celebration Nuffield ran a series of ambitious cultural projects to develop its status as a cultural leader, growing beyond the campus theatre with activity expanding across the city and region.

Nuffield was recently awarded the Stage¹s Regional Theatre of the Year Award 2015. The Development department is essential to Nuffield ongoing ambitions across the range of production and community output, including the expansion of Nuffield to include a new theatre in the city centre. Over the next two years, the Development department will be focused on revenue and capital fundraising, and ensuring adequate funding to deliver Nuffield¹s Creative Programmes- Artist Development, Connect, and Youth, focused respectively on talent development, community engagement and participation, and education.