North Yorkshire Music Action Zone (NYMAZ) Music Partner Network

The NYMAZ Music Partner Network would like support to organise a Fundraising: Private Income seminar for its members. The network knows that for many of their members the constant cycle of fundraising and development can present a significant challenge to delivery and to the sustainability of music activities for children in North Yorkshire.

The seminar would benefit those responsible for fundraising and development in partner organisations. In some cases these are dedicated posts or roles fulfilled by freelancers, and in others are part of a general administrator’s duties. Some network members already have significant experience of corporate support and individual giving, whilst others are heavily reliant on public funding. Some members currently lack the resources to develop valuable income streams from private sources. One of the aims of this event would be for the more experienced members to support and pass on their knowledge to others.

Because of the varying range of experience, staff and turnover in the Network’s member organisation – ranging from unincorporated community groups to registered charities with turnover in excess of £700k – this event presents a valuable opportunity for members to share practice and learning with one another, and to learn new skills in raising private income through professional input, thus strengthening fundraising skills and knowledge across the group.

The day-long seminar will allow members to learn from experienced professionals from outside of North Yorkshire with significant expertise in raising private income. .

The seminar will also have structured peer-to-peer discussion sessions for members to share their own different fundraising experiences, approaches and challenges for the benefit of others in a mutually supportive environment.

The seminar will be documented by a professional note taker, and during the discussion sessions network members will be encouraged to identify individual fundraising actions for their organisations and for the Network more generally arising out of the seminar. There may also be opportunities for members to collaborate on fundraising approaches for partnership activities. The seminar notes will be disseminated to those attending the seminar, as well as other members of the NYMAZ Music Partner Network not in attendance to ensure that the learning is shared more widely.

The notes will be available as a downloadable resource from the password protected area of the NYMAZ website, and members will receive notification of this via the monthly network e-bulletin. Network members will be asked to update on progress against their own individual actions at subsequent NYMAZ Music Partner Network meetings in March and June 2016, to ensure an ongoing legacy from the event for member organisations.