What I’ve Learnt About Arts Fundraising from an Artist

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I recently ran a fundraising training session for the Lincoln Cultural and Arts Partnership.  During the session, the 15 participants and I explored ways in which all kinds of arts and cultural organisations could benefit from establishing some very straightforward fundraising processes.  Of course, a very important goal of fundraising is to raise money, but …

Diversifying the Mainstream: What next in addressing diversity in arts organisations?

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Sanpreet Janjua was Fellow for Nottingham Playhouse until September 2016, and has remained with the organisation as Development Officer. Earlier this month, I attended the Cinema For All conference , which was themed around the issue of diversity. Panel discussions on diversifying everything from programmes to operation panels were held and the Diversity Manager of the BFI, Deborah …

Small Fish, Big Pond: The Responsibility of Large Organisations to Support Independent Artists

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Obviously this isn’t an easy time for anyone in the arts. As observed in this blog, it is “even harder for the minnows”; larger organisations have a distinct responsibility to support independent artists and smaller companies. Our wider organisations play an important role in providing this support, but where does our role as fundraisers lie? Recently …

Seagulls and carpet slippers – What are Trustees For?

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The Kilfinan Group is a group of senior business people who provide free and informal mentoring to charity chief executives. Ask members of the group what their mentees frequently single out as their biggest challenge and most will reply “Handling the board”. Why is this? Are trustees viewed by Chief Executives and their staff as …

“What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I First Went into Arts Fundraising”

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The third year of the Arts Fundraising Fellowships programme was launched in Leeds, October 2015, and included a panel discussion, “What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I First Went into Arts Fundraising”. The panel was chaired by Amanda Rigali (Head of Programmes, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy) and speakers included: Rory Wardroper, Fundraising Consultant, Opera …