DONATE – Can Arts Fundraising go mobile?

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

Paul Cutts is the CEO of the National Funding Scheme, the pioneer programme of ‘DONATE’; the multi platform digital fundraising tool. We were lucky to have him come to present to the Arts Fundraising Fellows earlier in January. Paul started his presentation by painting the bleak but realistic picture of funding for the arts in …

Digital Fundraising – how can we use it in the arts?

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

Digital Fundraising.  Everyone’s talking about it at the minute, particularly Crowdfunding, with the news this week that donation-based crowdfunding has raised £785m over the last three years, with 20% year-on-year growth.  Digital platforms engage and inspire people to become donors, and, being creative and passionate, arts organisations and professionals are well placed to capture people’s imaginations …

A New Look at Developing Major Donors

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

Last Wednesday saw the first in a range of training sessions run by the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme, focusing on fundraising for people working in arts organisations, be it specialists within a department or managers who look after lots of things including fundraising. In the beautiful setting of the River Terrace at the Baltic, Gateshead, Patricia Castanha …