Top Tips from the National Arts Fundraising School

By Amanda Rigali on   |  

On Sunday 10 November, the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fundraising Fellows arrived at the beautiful Dean’s Place Hotel in Alfriston, East Sussex. With wide eyes, fresh notebooks and an eagerness to learn, we looked forward to the week ahead with anticipation and excitement. On arrival at The National Arts Fundraising School (NAFS); or #mcNAFS as …

Introduction to Arts Council England and UK national funding bodies

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In Art Council England’s latest annual review, Chairman Sir Peter Bazalgette states, in response to the oft-asked question “can we afford to fund the arts?”,  that we simply can’t afford not to.  Given the Arts Council’s key role in allocating funding for the arts, distributing 80% of total arts funding in England, it is imperative to understand …

Trustee leadership in arts fundraising – food for thought

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On Tuesday 29th October the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme ran our inaugural Governance Training Seminar. Participants were a mixture of executive leaders and trustees from leading arts organisations, and the session was led by the Chair of the Philanthropy Review –  Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett. Everyone who attended, including the panel members Matthew Bowcock, Sir …