Shropshire Children & Young People’s Cultural Consortium

Shropshire Children & Young People’s Cultural Consortium is an emerging network of arts and cultural organisations who are seeking to improve provision along with the robustness of the sector by working together to develop the countywide offer, whilst advocating for investment and support from a wide range of decision makers and stakeholders. The group of diverse organisations have been meeting regularly for the past 12 months, and have embarked upon a strategic development programme with support from the local authority Arts Service and Arts Connect WM.

The Consortium’s overarching vision is that children and young people in Shropshire aspire, achieve, progress, and take the lead, in and through arts and culture. In ten years we believe that there will be an increase in home-grown arts and cultural leaders living and working in Shropshire.

In this current climate arts and cultural provision for children and young people is at risk of being seriously diminished and this is exacerbated by the under-resourced nature of the arts sector – it being made up of small organisations or services that are facing significant cut-backs.

By working together the consortium seeks to build the capacity of the sector and enhance provision:

  • Attract and increase resources to improve provision of arts and cultural activities for children and young people.
  • Develop a connected arts and cultural infrastructure able to support and sustain access to a diverse range of high quality activities for children and young people in rural and urban Shropshire.
  • Create a clear pathway of opportunities for children and young people to engage, and progress, in arts and culture as participants, makers/creators, audiences and leaders.
  • Collaborate to identify gaps and opportunities, in provision and take steps to address and improve, the offer.
  • Raise the profile and increase the understanding, of the value of the arts and culture to children and young people, supporting adults and the community as a whole.
  • Advocate, engage and influence, stakeholders and decision makers locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Provide a mechanism for organisations, agencies and representatives from the arts, heritage, cultural, education and learning sectors to work actively in partnership to share expertise and knowledge and improve quality and communication.