Studio Wayne McGregor

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Wayne McGregor is one of the world’s foremost dance-makers. Over the past two decades he has created some of the most exciting contemporary work with an array of innovative international artists. In addition to supporting our usual roster of extraordinary projects delivered by McGregor across the world, our key goal over the next three years is the establishment of our new world-class arts space, Studio Wayne McGregor, situated within Here East in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Here East is a first of its kind campus that combines business, technology, media, education and data in the pursuit of innovation. We will create Studio Wayne McGregor within this ecology which promotes the cross-pollination of art, technology, entrepreneurship and commercial enterprise.

Our ambition is to build on our track record in achieving high levels of earned income, and recent success with private and contributed income, through attracting corporate and commercial investment. We aim to do this through taking advantage of the building’s inhabitants and its ultra connectivity to support academic research, product development, digital engagement, and experimentation in the arts, sciences and technology – fields in which McGregor is already recognised as a leader in cross-disciplinary exploration – to attract investment and research partnerships.

2015 is a particularly extraordinary year for a Fellowship within our company. The successful applicant would be joining half way through our capital project and would experience first hand the benefits and challenges of being the first arts organisation to move into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a major area of regeneration. The capital project has proven to be an exciting offer from which to significantly diversify the company’s funding base. As a result the Fellow would support activity across a multi-tiered approach to fundraising encompassing five strategies – private giving, trusts and foundations, commercial, public fundraising, and grants. This Fellowship will build on a professional development programme in fundraising which we have hosted for the last three years, and will offer an exciting and broad training along with practical experience with support in career development.