Innovation Fund for Fundraising

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy are excited to announce the two successful recipients of its first Sector Innovation Fund for Fundraising: Future Arts Centre Network and Robin Peters, freelance consultant and Development Manager at Circomedia in Bristol.

  • Future Arts Centre Network will develop new approaches to securing national sponsorship for Arts Centres around the country.
  • Robin Peters will deliver a fundraising training programme aimed specifically at supporting early stage and emerging artists.

The Awards see financial and development support given to two projects which are driving forward innovation in fundraising which is deemed to have national relevance. Both projects will start in September 2018 and will be completed by the end of March 2019. Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy plan to make further call-outs for the Innovation in Fundraising later in the year.

Read the full announcement via the press release here:  Innovation-Fund-Press-Release.pdf

What is the Innovation Fund for Fundraising?

The Innovation Fund for Fundraising is looking to invest in programmes that can provide specific support to individuals or organisations working in discrete parts of the sector to encourage better practice and innovation in their fundraising models. We will support projects with up to £2,500 each. Projects should focus on addressing a fundraising need and could involve intelligence-gathering, targeted training or new initiatives to explore the needs of a particular part of the sector. They could be for an activity in one location or in different regions across England, or digitally based. We would expect to work collaboratively with you to develop the project.