Arts Professional partnership

Arts Professional partnership

Since 2014, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has worked in partnership with Arts Professional to contribute a series of regular editorial articles on the theme of 'Fundraising for the Future'.

On this webpage you can start reading the latest article; click on the title to read the full article. There is also a list of other recent articles; click on each title to read the full article.

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Latest article

Spending down: Opportunity or risk? (November 2023)

In spending down their assets, trusts and foundations are making a strategic change of direction which could pose a threat to the charity sector, says Ben Wilson.

Recently, the charity sector received news from two significant trusts and foundations that they plan to spend down their endowment over the next few years. The Albert Hunt Trust will mark its 50th anniversary by spending down in 2029, and the Lankelly Chase Foundation is spending down its endowment over the next five years. This comes off the back of the recent closures of the J P Getty Jnr Trust, Monument Trust, Shirley Foundation and the Peter Moores Foundation. But what is spending down? In its simplest terms, it refers to a trust or foundation spending its assets over a short time period, rather than using them to accumulate income for distribution to charities on an annual basis...

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Recent articles

Charity governance in need of urgent overhaul (October 2023)

In recent years, the model of charitable governance has become increasingly challenging, as Michelle Wright explains...

AI and the future of arts fundraising (June 2023)

Amid recent concerns about the safety of artificial intelligence, Ben Wilson looks at its potential as a resource for fundraising, and the ethical questions it throws up.

Charitable legacies: the time to act is now (April 2023)

In the next 30 years, a record £5.5 trillion is set to be transferred between generations, as either inheritance or gifts. Michelle Wright thinks legacy giving is a neglected area of fundraising...

Art to help out? (January 2023)

Since 2020 the sector has faced a series of crises, first Covid and now an even more uncertain future related to the cost of living. Michelle Wright considers how art can help...

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