Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark Report and Dashboard

The Cause4 Fundraising Benchmarking Dashboard was developed in 2017 in partnership with Sarah Thelwall, Founder and Chief Executive of MyCake. It is an essential framework to give organisations vital benchmark information to support organisations to build effective fundraising strategies from a firm starting point of where funding for arts organisations is drawn from.

The dashboard is designed to give arts and cultural organisations a starting point for their own exploration of data.

Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark Report

To accompany the dashboard, we’ve produced the Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark Report. This report looks first at the national picture but then digs into the detail of how that picture changes when you start looking at individual artforms, areas and turnover bands. Ultimately the goal is to support the trustees and leaders who run arts organisations to explore the benchmark dashboard and report yourselves, create meaningful slices of data, and build evidence to support your own organisation’s aspirations for growth and change, as well as to build effective fundraising strategies.


How it works

  1. Think about your fundraising strategy
  2. Identify key areas of your fundraising that you wish to benchmark
  3. Use the spreadsheet to create the best slice of data to compare yourself to
  4. Utilise the report to look at key headlines that will inform your fundraising strategy
  5. Work with your senior team and board to think about how this benchmark can inform your strategy development

This benchmark dashboard contains all of the publicly available financial data submitted by National Portfolio Organisations to Arts Council England in the 2017 annual submission and published in full in Sept 2018. You might want to understand how your organisation compares to those of a similar size, art form, or geographic location when it comes to the balance between earned income, grants and fundraising.


The Fundraising Benchmark Report details key findings contained in the data