Why should I apply to Heritage Compass?

Why should I apply to Heritage Compass?

May 24, 2021
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Heritage Compass is back and bigger than ever before! We are re-opening applications and looking for 150 more organisations to join us on our Heritage Compass journey. Still not sure if the programme is for you? We've put together our top ten reasons to apply...


10. Because I want to generate more income

The Heritage Compass programme has been expressly designed to help you to find new ways to bring in money to your organisations. Simply put, over the two years the programme is dedicated to helping you to build and implement resilient fundraising strategies, grow your audiences, develop business strategy, and to move forwards and thrive as an organisation.


9. Because I want to explore and test new ways of working

Especially now, it’s harder than ever to experiment with new ideas that might revolutionise your business. Heritage Compass will give you the tools and space to try out new methods of working, and the support and authority to bring them back to your organisation.


8. Because I want to meet other organisations in the same boat as me

You’ll be working in a cohort with other organisations and heritage workers from who are going through the same things as you. You’ll be able to share lessons and experiences with your peers as well as developing a brand new network of organisations across England.


7. Because I want to learn from experts

All of the trainers on Heritage Compass are experts in in fundraising, audience development, governance and heritage. They will be delivering sessions which have been designed specifically for this programme, to be best placed to help heritage organisations grow their business in today’s challenging climate.


6. Because I want a mentor who’s been through it before

You’ll benefit from dedicated, tailored mentoring throughout the programme, giving you the space to talk about the specific problems facing your organisation with someone who understands your experience.


5. Because I want to build individual skills and enhance my career

It’s not just about your organisation, Heritage Compass is here to help you as well! You’ll be learning personal and professional skills to add to your CV and prepare you to meaningfully develop your career.


4. Because I want to give back to my organisation

We’ll help you to put strategies and ideas into place that will have a lasting positive impact on your organisation. You can help implement fundraising infrastructure that will put your organisation in a great place to keep building for years to come.


3. Because I love my organisation

It’s a great opportunity to share what you love about your organisation, not just with everyone on the programme, but giving you the space to shout about your work to  the wider public through the programme’s publicity. Heritage Compass will give you a whole new platform to shout about why your organisation is so great.


2. Because I love heritage

Across the year you’ll be meeting 149 other organisations who love heritage as much as you. You’ll have the chance to discover some cool places you hadn’t heard of before, as well as making new work connections and friends across England.


1. Because it’s free!

All of this support is available totally free! If you feel you can’t afford to give up your time at the moment, we even have access grants available to pay back your organisation for the time you spend with us.


So what are you waiting for?

If we've convinced you, this round of applications closes at 12pm on the 30th June.

Don’t miss out and apply now to be part of Heritage Compass. Find out everything you need to know on our website here.