Case Study: Live Theatre Winchester

Case Study: Live Theatre Winchester

Live Theatre Trust Winchester, is the charity responsible for the management of the Theatre Royal Winchester, and the Winchester Hat Fair. The 400-seat venue presents a cross-artform programme of drama, music, dance, comedy, children’s theatre and pantomime. The Hat Fair is the UK’s longest running outdoor, participatory festival. Since coming together with the theatre in 2013, the creative collaboration has allowed both to develop artistic ambitions for the city and to present high quality art to growing audiences.  

The Culture Change programme was a timely intervention for Live Theatre Winchester who appointed a new Chief Executive and a number of new Senior Management Team members prior to getting started. They saw the project as an opportunity to steer the organisation into focusing on fundraising, and better communicating who they were and what the charity does. They’d engaged a branding review at a similar time and felt that the two projects were really complementary to each other. The initial workshop was a good opportunity for the whole team to come together and work on redefining their mission and purpose. 

"Culture Change has brought enthusiasm as to what fundraising could be for us."

The new team needed to work with the existing staff and Trustees to build a clear articulation of the Case for Support, along with a cohesive message that everyone signed-up to. Kirstie Mathieson, Marketing and Communications Director described the initial discussions as being open, inclusive and really drilling down into the mission and vision. She described the process as being very positive and appreciated the guidance needed to be led through the activity. 

Since the programme has finished, LTWT have continued a relationship with Cause4, working with them to develop a full fundraising strategy and implementation plan, alongside looking at their local council’s priorities. Mathieson described the work as having a positive impact which has really moved the organisation forward and made it more unified. The programme highlighted to the whole team at Live Theatre Winchester Trust the need to be more articulate about what we do as a whole organisation and the role that everyone can individually play in fundraising. The programme was well supported by the staff and Board and has helped to build the energy and enthusiasm within the organisation. 

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