Mithila Sarma

Mithila Sarma


Where are they now?

Starting her Fellowship as the Artistic Director at Zer0classikal, promoting British South Asian classical musicianship within the UK, Mithila is now Relationship Manager at Arts Council England, an exciting role she credits to her time on the Fellowship. She is also a Carnatic Veena player, involved in a variety of music projects.


In the past year I have gained an invaluable overview of the Arts sector, an understanding of the current fundraising landscape. The fellowship enabled me to gain an understanding of the tools necessary not only help develop an organisations’ fundraising capabilities but to also increase its sustainability and overall success. The fellow peers I have met and the knowledge I have gained has really helped me develop over the year and I am glad to say this has led me to a role within the Arts Council which I would have not imagined being possible before the Fellowship began.

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