Capital Fundraising

Capital Fundraising


This course explores the best routes to successful capital fundraising, from large-scale building projects to smaller refurbishments.


Who is this for?

This course is aimed at experienced leaders or fundraisers that are taking on a new challenge, or those looking to refresh or expand their skills.


You will learn:

  • How a capital campaign works
  • How to create a fundraising feasibility study
  • How to develop a realistic capital fundraising strategy and project plan
  • How to resource and manage your capital fundraising including setting milestones to achieve key targets in fundraising
  • How to transform your capital supporters from one-off donors to regular givers for the long-term
  • How to involve the whole organisation in supporting your campaign
  • The latest trends in capital fundraising campaigns


Course dates

11 December 2019, Birmingham & Midland Institute, Birmingham

Course Staff

Sarah Gee

Sarah Gee is co-founder and Managing Partner of Indigo, a leading UK-based consultancy for arts and cultural organisations.