Digital Tools for Fundraisers

Digital Tools for Fundraisers


This course supports participants to take the first steps in raising money through digital channels.

Courses for 2019-20 are taking place in Oxford and Manchester.


Who is this for?

This one-day course is aimed at those new to fundraising, those about to launch a big project in a new area or for those just looking for a refresher in a key aspect of fundraising.


You will learn:

  • Which digital channels get the best results from Facebook through to Linkedin
  • How to resource a digital project or campaign
  • How to choose the best digital channels to suit your audience and organisational values
  • How to evaluate your digital project and its impact
  • How to stand out from other digital campaigns in the arts and charity sector
  • The latest trends in fundraising via digital means


Course dates:

5 December 2019, Oxford Castle, Oxford

12 March 2020, People's History Museum, Manchester

Course Staff

Howard Lake

Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. He has published UK Fundraising (, the world’s first web resource and community for professional fundraisers, since 1994 and wrote the world’s first book on digital fundraising in 1995.