Essentials in Arts Fundraising (FutureLearn)

Essentials in Arts Fundraising (FutureLearn)

This new free online course will allow you to develop practical skills to fundraise from a variety of sources to build resilience, even in times of crisis.

An ideal introduction to learners that are new to arts fundraising or experienced fundraisers that need a refresher, this course will show you how to use fundraising activities effectively. 

You start by learning how to assess your organisation’s income streams and explore how to write compelling fundraising applications whilst presenting a strong business case that explains the return on investment of your proposal. 

You’ll then be introduced to corporate sponsorship and understand what corporations are looking for when seeking partnerships with arts organisations. 

You will also explore different types of philanthropy and understand what motivates people to give. As part of this, you will design strategies to encourage donors to give and be introduced to digital fundraising techniques.

Who this course is for

Learners that are new to arts fundraising or experienced fundraisers that need a refresher.

Anyone working in the arts and culture industry who wants to take their first steps in fundraising.

Businesses, artists, leaders, managers, trustees, volunteers and learners who are new to fundraising or require a refresher.

Course feedback

"The content was fantastic, very thorough, relevant and helpful."

"The course is simple and straightforward, with as much detail as you can absorb or review for your needs. The encouragement to share is a wonderful idea as it's an online course and post-pandemic really reassuring and helpful. Real situations, real problems, and up to date realistic solutions available Lots to be getting on with...with hopefully some of my efforts bearing fruit."

"This course was brilliant. It is pitched at the right level for introducing the subject but also included lots of detail and additional reading materials to keep the more advanced interested. The mix of articles, videos and quiz style questions made it varied and easier to stay focused."

"If you are diligent and are prepared to dedicate two weeks to free intensive study, you will be enlightened at how the fundraising cycle really works and have access to current trends, resources and articulate educator input."

Sign up today via this link and take your first steps into arts fundraising.