Getting the Whole Team on board with Fundraising

Getting the Whole Team on board with Fundraising


This course helps participants develop the skills and techniques needed to navigate an organisation's competing agendas and objectives, maximising fundraising potential.

Courses for 2019-20 are taking place in London and Leeds.


Who is it for?

These courses are aimed at CEOs, Directors or Heads of Department looking to integrate fundraising into their business strategy.


What will I learn?

  • Successful organisation-wide approaches to fundraising
  • How to realise these approaches and overcome barriers
  • The kind of organisational culture needed to achieve fundraising targets successfully
  • A methodology to bring everyone on board with your goals
  • The latest trends in fundraising strategy development


Course dates

15 October 2019 at Mindspace Shoreditch, London

24 March 2020 at Northern Ballet, Leeds



Course Staff

Ruth Jarratt

Ruth Jarratt has over 20 years experience in the arts, health and social care sectors, working as senior executive, internal and external consultant and with boards and development committees.