Leadership in Arts Fundraising (FutureLearn)

Leadership in Arts Fundraising (FutureLearn)

Effective leadership is vital for successful fundraising in the arts; a sector that heavily relies on external funding as part of its income mix. But leadership is not just about meeting immediate financial needs; it’s also about looking to the future and fostering an innovative fundraising culture at different levels in your organisation. 

This free access online course will allow you to learn skills to help you lead successful fundraising and sustainable business development in the arts and cultural sector. You will start by evaluating where fundraising fits in your organisational structure and learn how to identify key internal and external relationships and models to help you assess their effectiveness. 

You will then examine how your organisational culture and your stakeholders’ roles affect the fundraising performance and what you can do to change it. This should help you to lead effective fundraising and economic development that are right for your organisation. 

The course will show how to distinguish between crisis-led change and longer-term realignments that require organisational changes. You’ll also consider emerging trends in fundraising and giving, and explore alternative approaches from around the world.


Who this course is for

This course will be of interest to leaders in the arts and cultural sector. You may be working or aspiring to work as an executive or an artistic director, a CEO, or a general or a financial manager.

It may also interest you if you are a board member or senior fundraiser throughout the arts and cultural sector.

Whatever your specific role, if you are a senior cultural leader this course is for you.


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