Negotiation, Pitching and Persuasion Skills

Negotiation, Pitching and Persuasion Skills


This course supports participants to create dynamic proposals, perfect their pitching skills and to improve success rates with corporates and individual donors through the development of effective persuasion techniques.


Who is it for?

This course  is aimed at experienced leaders, fundraisers that are taking on a new challenge, or those looking to refresh or expand their skills.


You will learn:

  • Effective presentation and pitching skills including how to use persuasion techniques to win support
  • Developing skills in negotiation to ensure benefits and fees work for your organisation
  • Overcoming objections from corporates and individual donors
  • Developing internal confidence and getting whole team buy-in to your strategy and forward plan
  • Techniques from a range of case studies about what works when winning support from corporates and individual donors


Course dates

3 December 2019, People's History Museum, Manchester


Course Staff

Nicole Newman

Nicole Newman is an independent consultant, specialising in corporate fundraising with extensive experience in delivering transformational fundraising strategies in major cultural organisations.