Using data for decision making

Using data for decision making

Where do I start with understanding data, and what data do I need?

This topic looks at how to plan for the adoption of digital technologies to provide the management information your heritage organisation needs, ensuring it is stored securely and ethically.

There are 7 questions to explore for this topic. You can click on each question below to link through to the Digital Heritage Hub when the resources are available (between now and the end of June 2022).

  • Do I need an IT strategy and how is this different from a digital strategy? - coming soon
  • How do I schedule and replace old technology? - coming soon
  • What data do we need to collect and analyse to support strategic decision-making? - coming soon
  • How can my organisation become more audience-led? - coming soon
  • Why do I need to consider data management and security? - coming soon
  • What ethical considerations are there in managing, storing and using data within your organisation? - coming soon
  • What are the active measures I need to put into place to address issues around data archiving and storage? - coming soon

This topic has been developed by a consortium led by University of Leeds with Cause4 and Museum Development Yorkshire as part of the Digital Planning theme.

The Digital Heritage Hub has received DCMS and National Lottery funding, distributed by the Heritage Fund as part of their Digital Skills for Heritage initiative.