David Sheppeard

David Sheppeard


Where are they now?

David Sheppeard co-founded the Marlborough Theatre in 2008 with a strong and immovable vision to use the historic building to its greatest potential and to artistically serve the LGBTQ+ and wider communities that use it. His work at The Marlborough has encompassed a wide range of projects from the groundbreaking national LGBTQ+ touring theatre project ‘New Queer of the Block’ to the heritage project ‘Queer in Brighton’. He specialises in work made for unusual contexts that challenges notions about how and where diverse led work can be presented.

Since 2012 David has been the Co Artistic Director of The Spire, based at the Grade II listed St Marks Chapel in East Brighton, with ambition of converting this unique space into a creative hub supporting the independent arts community.

As an independent producer David has supported a diverse range of artists to realise their creative visions, most recently Marisa Carnesky, Seth Kriebel and Harry Clayton Wright.

In 2016 David complete an MA in Theatre at the University of Chichester and continues to develop his own artistic work as a writer and performer.


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