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Community Growth

Community Growth

Operating since 2006 the company has gone through a number of changes. Starting out as a partnership. Then after building up the business, they became a Limited Company (Growth Activities Ltd).

More recently they have started to work more and more in the local community. They have built up a core group of young people and volunteers, along with a number of groups and customers. The way they work started to change and evolve. After listening to what the community wanted to see happen and what they wanted to get involved in, it soon became clear that the nature of the business had changed. They have never been a massive profit making organisation but have successfully earned a living and been able to fund a number of community activities. However, to carry out the amazing ideas found during their consultations they knew they needed a different vehicle.

After much research and valuable advice this led them to settle on starting a Community Interest Company.

For what they are trying to achieve here in Chesterfield this is the perfect structure. Yes, it will allow them to apply for funding, grants and sponsorship to subsidise the activities they want to carry out. But what they are most excited about is that they can still operate as a business. Then they can start a number of enterprises and microbusiness with community members to generate their own revenue.

Then (the best bit…) 65% of all profits made are fed back in to the community. Effectively funding or subsidising community activities themselves!