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Family Explorers North East

Family Explorers North East

Family Explorers North East (FENE) uses a research-based approach to help families in their region enjoy a wider range of cultural experiences. Giving families a voice is key to what they do and there are now over 12,000 families participating. 

Their Facebook Group community provides a platform for families where they can recommend events and places to one another and ask questions about the practical aspects of their visits and, through this group and an e-newsletter, they curate high quality family-friendly events making it easier to choose where to go. A website gives the information needed to plan a day out to places trusted to provide a warm welcome.

Great to be able to ask a quick question - very reassuring. And I’ve found days out I would never have heard of otherwise. - Family Explorers participant

They also co-ordinate the North East Family Arts Network, supporting cultural organisations to diversify the family audiences they engage. Their Network sparks conversations, shares best practice and offers training and exploratory events.

The Family Arts Campaign and a partnership of 19 organisations running 35+ venues in North East England back the project.