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St. Seraphim's Trust

St. Seraphim's Trust

St. Seraphim’s Trust is a registered charity that seeks to keep St. Seraphim’s Orthodox Chapel open for all pilgrims and visitors to Walsingham, as a place of worship and mission. The Trust also aims to make its rich icon, railway and pilgrimage heritage available to the public, through displays and activities.

St. Seraphim’s is currently in the process of developing the building and garden into an environment which will reflect the spirituality of the chapel. This will include an area for learning about iconography with display and workshop areas, a renovated platform and a community garden. 

In 2012 St. Seraphim’s reached an important milestone, having received a phase one development pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  This led to a fruitful year of development – including information gathering on pilgrimage and railway history, culminating in the Exhibition at Norwich Cathedral.

St Seraphim’s chapel has witnessed 44 years of traditional Orthodox icon painting by the iconographers Father David and Leon Liddament. Their ability to make a living from iconography was due to Walsingham being a pilgrimage centre, enabling them to become well known by priests and other visitors and their work to be in demand. St. Seraphim’s has always been a part of this tradition of pilgrimage, having been the ‘pilgrim station’, and is still part of the experience of many visitors to the village today. Part of Father David and Leon’s mission was to increase awareness of early British Saints  through their icons and published information.