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Subject Specialist Network Consortium

Subject Specialist Network Consortium

The Subject Specialist Network Consortium is a loose association of SSN leads in the UK currently managed voluntarily by the SSNs themselves. Its outputs include collections removed from risk, greater access for new and different audiences to heritage, and a wider understanding of specialist knowledge and where it exists. It has three core aims:

Advocacy: Advocating for the role of SSNs across all delivery including professional development, collections care/management, grassroots support, wider agenda and policy areas, strategic planning supporting those who are working with collections and archives.

Sharing and support: To better understand each other and develop mechanisms for sharing information, objectives, and opportunities for sharing skills; and to ensure it supports all those working and volunteering or wishing to work or volunteer with collections from grassroots upwards

Expertise: Recognise and support the specialists working and volunteering within SSNs 

Our aim is to support development of subject specialism activity in the UK.