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Worcestershire Archaeological Society

Worcestershire Archaeological Society

The Worcestershire Archaeological Society has been promoting the study of archaeology and local history in Worcestershire since 1854 and they are committed to co-operation with like-minded local and national organisations to help achieve their aims.

They have an annual lecture programme with summer excursions both within Worcestershire and further afield. They also own an extensive and developing library housed at the University of Worcester which is accessible to members. Through exchange arrangements with other societies, they ensure that this is a source for contemporary research covering much of the country.

In May and November, the Society publishes The Worcestershire Recorder containing up-to-date news of developments. Their biennial Transactions are one of the principal organs for the publication of research on the archaeology and local history of Worcestershire. Both publications are distributed worldwide.

Their aims:

  • Promote research of archaeology and history of the historic county of Worcestershire
  • Work for the understanding and care of all kinds of antiquities
  • Take part in archaeological research
  • Publish its work and exchange information with similar bodies
  • Collect and make available relevant publications 
  • Arrange appropriate excursions 
  • Engage in holding exhibitions, seminars, lectures and classes 
  • Commission and publish works that will advance its cause 
  • Affiliate with similar bodies sharing similar aims