Networks Funding – September 2017

Networks Funding – September 2017


West Midlands Museum Development Network aims to help 141 Accredited museums and galleries in the West Midlands to increase capacity, resilience and skills and to create a sector that inspires and builds diverse audiences. AFP is supporting a GDPR workshop for museum staff and volunteers on 15th November 2017.


Sunderland Family Arts Network are coming together to collaborate on family events and promote each other’s programs to increase visibility of cultural activity and audience engagement amongst the local community. SFAN are planning a fundraising session around current methods in fundraising, including technological developments opportunities in February 2018.

Bristol Festivals is a membership organisation supporting the sustainable and strategic development of the Festival and Events sector in Bristol, providing information, resources and advocacy, and developing bespoke sector-led projects to encourage collective participation and build a strong, efficient and resilient workforce. AFP is supporting 2 days of Fundraising training in Bristol in January 2018.

Independent Theatre Council’s Fundraisers Forum aims to support Chief Executives, Managers and professional Fundraisers from member companies to share knowledge and skills, hone their practice, access expert advice and keep up to date with developments in the sector. ITC will hold a 1 day conference focussing on How to Fund your Theatre Projects including topics on creative approaches to raising funds, GDPR and ethical fundraising.

Leeds Dance Partnership is a cross-organisational partnership of independent organisations and individuals who share a set of values and aims for the dance ecology in Leeds. AFP is supporting a 1 day event developing their fundraising skills, knowledge and capacity on 15th February 2018.

One Voice is a network of organisations within Birmingham working collaboratively to develop strategies to respond to public sector commissioning opportunities. AFP is supporting a training event in Winter 2017 on preparing action plans for compliance around GDPR and fundraising activity.

Diversity Arts Network is about bringing together arts and voluntary organisations to explore how cultural diversity can add value to arts programmes as well as starting to undertake longer term strategic planning for a sustainable cultural diversity programme which can showcase new BAME artists/facilitators. AFP is supporting the Fundraising session on GDPR taking place in February 2018.

Family Arts Campaign is a national, collaborative initiative to raise the level of families of all ages engaging in arts and culture, led by a consortium of 10 membership and industry bodies; the Albany, Association of British Orchestras, One Dance UK, the Independent Theatre Council, Society of London Theatre, UK Theatre, the Contemporary Visual Arts Network, The Audience Agency, Arts Marketing Association and Voluntary Arts. AFP is supporting a full day fundraising seminar in Leeds discussing key topics including the new fundraising regulations and GDPR as well as use of technology for data capture.

Independent Dance Management Network is a resource for independent dance producers and independent self-producing dance artists. AFP is supporting training sessions to members towards IDMN’s development of a nationwide programme of fundraising training with a focus on diversifying income through exploring funding from other sources including new fundraising legislation.


East London Arts Fundraisers Network is a collaborative group of forward-thinking arts and cultural organisations that aim to find new ways to diversify funding and increase financial capacity to produce high-quality, innovative experiences that are accessible to the whole of East London. AFP is supporting the inaugural event to be held in early February 2018.


The Our Future City Fundraising Network supports the city-wide collaborative programme and Local Cultural Education Partnership in Brighton & Hove that aims to transform the lives of all children and young people, no matter what social and economic challenges they are facing, by helping them recognise and develop their creative talents through high-quality, youth-led cultural activities. AFP is supporting their cross-sector partnership fundraising event on Tuesday 13 March 2018 at Brighton Dome.