Networks Funding 2019

Networks Funding 2019

Cumbria Arts and Culture Network

The Cumbria Arts and Culture Network (CACN) was founded in 2016 with financial support from Cumbria County Council and administrative support from Cumbria Voluntary Service. The Network’s purpose is to provide leadership, advocacy and development opportunities for the creative industries and cultural sector in Cumbria and ensure it plays a full and growing role in the creative and economic life of residents and visitors alike. CACN will use Networks funding from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy to develop and deliver a pilot fundraising project that brings together smaller creative and cultural organisations in a working relationship with their larger neighbours and builds ongoing fundraising partnerships based in sub-regions of Cumbria.

War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network

The War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network (SSN), run by Imperial War Museums, builds capacity, connections and confidence in the cultural heritage sector to improve the public understanding of war and conflict. It provides a forum for sharing good practice, knowledge and skills; and delivers national programmes to increase and diversify public engagement. Funding is an area that is raised frequently by the network as requiring support. It has become clear that there are great challenges for organisations to deliver activity in the face of a reduced workforce, public funding cuts and a high dependency on volunteers. Without the necessary knowledge and skills, it can be difficult for small organisations in the cultural heritage sector to take full advantage of the different sources of funding available for the variety of activities that they wish to undertake. Network funding will be used to run a full-day workshop in Manchester that covers both theory and approaches to fundraising and offers participants a chance to write a funding bid with expert guidance.

National Performance Advisory Group Arts, Heritage and Design in Healthcare Network

The National Performance Advisory Group Arts, Heritage and Design in Healthcare Network (NPAG-AHDHN) is a membership group of NHS managers and professional leads who are involved in the leadership and delivery of Arts, Heritage and Design services across hospitals. NPAG-AHDHN is also a strategic alliance member of The Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA) which is a national alliance committed to promoting the role of the creative arts in health and care. The consortium will use the Networks fund to support a professional development day exploring the fundraising challenges around infrastructure fundraising and skills gaps within the arts and health sector and in particular hospitals.

Sheffield Creative Guild

Sheffield Creative Guild is a cooperative with a membership of over 800 artists and creative professionals based in and around Sheffield. The Guild provides a peer support network through social events, online resources and a time-banking scheme which enables collaboration and skill sharing between members. Using the Networks funding It will run three workshops from January – March 2020, taking members through the stages of sourcing funding, putting in an application, and evaluating a project. These will be available as a complete course, or as individual workshops for members who feel that they need support in only one or two of these areas. The Guild’s membership is hugely varied, meaning that workshop attendees will represent very diverse groups of creative individuals. Its intention is that these workshops will develop peer networks that respond to demand across the membership.

Ely Cultural Strategy Group

The Ely Cultural Strategy Group’s aim is to develop and then deliver a cultural strategy for Ely and its neighbouring parishes. The work of the group is intended to enhance existing cultural offers and infrastructure. It will look for ways that, through partnership and collaboration, it can increase the cultural vibrancy of the city, to have a positive impact on the local economy and engage with both local residents and visitors. Networks funding will support the development of an effective fundraising strategy as part of the overall Cultural Strategy for Ely, as well as develop a shared approach to effective fundraising in partnership.

Queer Arts National Network

The Queer Arts National Network is an informal network of UK LGBTQ+ arts organisations comprising festivals, venues and promoters. Historically, the LGBTQ+ cultural sector has been poorly funded, meaning that organisations are small-scale, inadequately resourced and working in isolated circumstances. The purpose of forming this network is the development of the LGBTQ+ cultural sector, promoting peer-to-peer support and encouraging collaborative/strategic approaches to fundraising that build the capacity and resilience of the organisations involved. Networks funding will support Queer Arts to run a day of facilitated training and development, with a focus on developing collaborative projects and fundraising from LGBTQ+ communities.