Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark report

Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark report

The Key Findings of the Cause4 Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark report is now available to download as a PDF.

The purpose of the Benchmark is to support the leaders and trustees of organisations to compare and contrast their current performance to that of their peers. This report, combined with a web-based dashboard, provides insights, data and tools to undertake this analysis.

This version of the benchmark includes the latest data for 2018/19, covering 801 organisations in the Arts Council England (ACE) National Portfolio. Where possible, we have included trend data for a more extended four-year period. Data on volunteering and assets complement data covering income, expenditure, fundraising and financial resilience. In addition to national data, this year’s report explores several ‘slices’ in more depth.

Covid-19 has subsequently changed the operating environment for arts and culture organisations. It has also changed the fundraising and income generation landscape. Nevertheless, the benchmark data here remains a relevant starting point for performance analysis and strategy development, whether it is understanding how your organisation compares to leaders in any given field of income generating activity, or reviewing the cost-effectiveness of your expenditure by comparison to your peers.

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