Board Diversity Initiative featured in the Stage

Board Diversity Initiative featured in the Stage

An initiative dedicated to improving the diversity of arts organisations’ boards has been launched, with plans to create a bank of diverse trustees for the future.

Clore Leadership is partnering with social enterprise Cause4 and the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme – which works to improve philanthropy within culture – on the pilot programme. It is intended to increase representation on theatre and cultural boards, and to support the trustees in their roles.

Michelle Wright, chief executive and founder of Cause4, said:

“Charities need trustees that reflect the diverse communities they represent. In this new initiative with Clore Leadership we are looking to embed change, firstly by only appointing trustees that have been trained in their responsibilities and secondly, using Clore’s expertise in supporting charities in good practice in induction and onboarding, meaning new trustees are supported in their roles and have a good experience.”

As part of the initiative, the organisations aim to create a trustee board bank of the future by running training courses – beginning with two early next year – covering the responsibilities and expectations of trustees.

The training will take place in Birmingham and Leeds and will seek participants from diverse communities.

It will also host events on good governance, which are intended to help charities work with new trustees. This will be run by Clore Leadership.

It is the latest initiative launched that is specifically designed to address board diversity, and follows the establishment of Artistic Directors of the Futures’ board shadowing programme.

Running in London and Yorkshire, the programme appointed new, diverse trustees to major theatre companies over a period of six months.

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