Fundraising Fellows 2020 – what employers need to know

Fundraising Fellows 2020 – what employers need to know


Need additional funding to grow community engagement?

Want to develop your employee’s skills for free?


10 Free Fundraising Training Places available

Support an individual application - and your whole team benefits


The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Fellowship Programme 2020 is offering free, accredited training to help arts, culture and community teams develop new and effective ways to fundraise.

We want to recruit from areas and communities in England that are under-represented in fundraising and development roles. We welcome applications from people with disabilities, those with BAME heritage, and those from low-income families.


Closing date for applications: February 14, 2020.


Support your employee’s development

Whether they’re freelance and working for you, or a staff member: if there’s someone in your team who has the potential to raise additional funds for your organisation, we’d like you to support their application to take part in one year of training.

There is no additional cost to you as an employer – you will simply need to commit to giving your team member who’s applying up to 10 days In the year to study. We will give them face-to-face and online training, plus mentoring and networking support to grow their fundraising and development skills.

For those who want to take it further, we offer a Postgraduate Certificate qualification in Arts Fundraising and Leadership accredited by the University of Leeds. This is available to everyone on the programme.


Grow your organisation’s knowledge

It’s increasingly vital to have in-house resource to find and secure new funding streams. Our trainers and mentors are experienced practitioners and act as critical friends throughout the programme.

If your nominated staff member is successful in applying, we will also offer free to all supporting workplaces:

  • Additional exclusive access to online training resources – available for all staff
  • Further free training on our one-day training courses – up to £500 of training for your team


I want to grow my team’s fundraising skills: What do I need to do?

Simply email us to confirm this applicant’s employment or contractual status, and tell us that you are happy to support them throughout their Fellowship year.


What happens next?

Your team member will fill in the application, and we will be in touch by 21st February 2020 to those shortlisted for interview.

If they are successful in their application, we’ll be in touch with you to provide you with details of free online training for your organisation, and free training for your team.

Every business leader in the world needs to know how to raise funds for their next venture. It doesn’t matter what sector you work in: raising money is a skill that will up your game wherever life takes you.

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy takes ambition and helps it to grow by providing the tools needed to develop lifelong fundraising skills.


Thank you for helping to support fundraising talent