Na'eem Raza

Na'eem Raza


Naeem is an entrepreneur, visionary and change maker, born in Huddersfield and raised in Glasgow.

He is driven by an inner belief that we all have the power to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people in need, with expertise largely sitting in the non-profit sector. Here he has helped well known charities like Islamic Relief and Human Appeal raise millions of pounds in income, organised prestigious events attended by high profile guests such as HRH Prince Charles, Lindsey Lohan, Maher Zain, Pele and Demba Ba and rescued troubled organisations from the brink of collapse.

His work has also led him to some of the most dangerous places in the world, including war-torn Syria, earthquake zones in Pakistan and conflict ridden Somalia. Undaunted by hard work and willing to go the distance when it matters, he has participated in four marathons across London, Morocco and Turkey and has clocked up 3,500 miles in a gruelling 45 day Scotland to Syria bike ride in order to raise funds for widows, orphans and young people in need.

He is always excited by the possibility of what can be achieved when good people come together to create great things. His fresh, innovative approach is backed up with meaningful action and unquestionable results.

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