Occupational Standards for Fundraising

Occupational Standards for Fundraising

Arts Fundraising National Occupational Standards

In 2013, The Arts Marketing Association and Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Consortium worked with Skills Third Sector to create a set of National Occupational Standards for Fundraising. These set out the skills that staff and volunteers who are responsible for raising funds for their organisation should have, as well as what they should know and understand in order to do their job well.


In 2020, Arts, Fundraising and Philanthropy reviewed and updated these standards in line with current context and to reflect any changes in fundraising and data protection guidelines. The fundraising standards comprise three major groupings:

  • Support
  • Fundraising
  • Management 

They have been structured in this way to make it easier for users to identify standards that may be relevant to their role. From 2020 onwards we will be structuring our training programme to help you understand which of our sessions may be most helpful for you in developing certain standards. 


We should note that, whilst these have been updated, fundraising as a profession is changing very rapidly, becoming ever more important to the financial and artistic sustainability of organisations, and professionalising its activities very swiftly. These National Occupational Standards can, therefore, only illustrate the skills required at this point in time to deliver an efficient and effective fundraising operation.


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