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Heritage Compass Programme – Networks Funding 

Heritage Compass Programme – Networks Funding 

Heritage Compass Programme – Networks Funding 

Opens May 2023

What is it?

The Heritage Compass programme works to support the sector in developing essential skills in business planning, audience development, leadership and change management, with the aim of creating a better connected, informed and resilient heritage landscape across England. We believe that collaboration is a powerful tool for stimulating innovation, sharing ideas, building knowledge and developing new skills. Our new launch of Heritage Compass Networks Funding aims to achieve exactly that. 

We’ll be offering core financial support to Heritage groups or networks, led by participating organisations on the Heritage Compass programme. Our funding will contribute to the development of new training events, conferences, seminars or meetings, with the aim of strengthening skills and building robust partnerships across the heritage sector, ultimately establishing a legacy for Heritage Compass. Networks must be led by a Heritage Compass programme participant, either past or present, from any cohort, but can include other organisations not part of the programme.

What can we fund? 

We are looking to support a diverse range of events tackling key issues within the current environment. We are particularly interested in activity which aligns with the Heritage Compass programme aims to strengthen business planning, governance, fundraising, earned income, cash management and audience development. 

Examples of activity eligble for funding:

  • Training days
  • Conferences/seminars
  • Setting up a network around a particular geographic area, business focus (eg fundraising) or specialism
  • Place-based networks such as cultural strategy groups where there is an emphasis on the resilience of the organisations involved

For other examples of work we’ve supported by a parallel programme funded by Arts Council England please see here

We are able to fund both face-to-face and virtual networking activity, understanding the important role of both accessible online opportunities and real-world connections. Organisations can apply for support to cover any relevant expenditure for an event or activity to take place between May and November 2023:

  • Up to a maximum of £2,000 for any single event, or group of events, benefitting a community of people, who are either freelancers or staff from at least five different culture or heritage organisations, including at least one Heritage Compass programme participant. The funding can cover the costs of coordination, participants’ travel expenses, venue hire, catering and speaker fees. 
  • Up to a maximum of £1,000 for entirely virtual activity, to cover the cost of software, administration or external training support. Virtual activity must benefit a minimum of ten people.

We expect to circa 10-12 activities through this funding stream. 

How to apply

Please submit a maximum four-page proposal or video of up to 10 minutes to include:

  • The name, purpose and membership of your network or group. 
  • Details of the activity you would like to receive support for, and how this activity will help strengthen skills across the group. Please include the location and proposed date of activity.
  • What you would like the money to cover e.g. venue hire, professional fees, travel and subsistence, publicity and promotion, information packs and toolkits.
  • How the funding will help the group to achieve something new, build or expand on previous successful work, or help you establish a new network. 
  • How learning will be distributed throughout your network, and more widely. 
  • A detailed budget, with expenditure and income for the event, including a breakdown of the costs you would like to be covered by Heritage Compass and any income from other sources either cash or in-kind. Please see below for costs related to access requirements.

Diversity & Inclusion

We welcome applications from any individuals or organisations participating in the Heritage Compass programme leading a network of either fellow programme participants, non participating individuals or organisations, or a mixture of both. This way, we hope to reach a wide range of individuals, to reflect the diversity of artists and audiences in the sector across England. We are aware that diversity runs through many aspects including race, ethnicity, faith, disability, age, gender, sexuality, class and economic background, as well as many other social and institutional barriers that prevent people from creating, participating in or enjoying arts, culture and heritage. 

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from networks that offer support to a diverse range of individuals and/or support to staff within organisations that are themselves committed to helping beneficiaries from diverse backgrounds. We will expect all applicants to include within their proposals ways in which they will ensure that the event(s) are fully inclusive and accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds. Applicants can request an additional 20% of the core amount they have requested towards the costs of access requirements. Please outline in your application why you require this additional support and specifically how the funds will be used.

How will decisions be made?

When making our decisions, we will consider:

  • The benefit of the activity for participating organisations involved;
  • To what extent the activity will contribute to creating a legacy for the Heritage Compass programme;
  • The benefit of the activity for strengthening resilience in the small to medium sized heritage sector across the region or sector that the group represents;
  • The balance of support we can offer to individuals and groups across England, taking into account our commitment to reach a diverse range of individuals and networks;
  • To what extent the activity will continue to encourage peer learning and networking after the Heritage Compass programme comes to an end.

How can I apply?

To apply for the Heritage Compass Networks Funding, please email your proposal to Faye Edwards at heritage.compass@cause4.co.uk to reach us by email no later than 12.00pm (noon) on Wednesday 9th June 2023.