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Network Funding

Virtual Networks Funding

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy works to empower cultural professionals from across the sector by supporting them to develop their practice and to find creative, entrepreneurial new approaches to fundraising. We believe that collaboration is powerful and that sharing ideas, building knowledge and developing new skills is key to the long-term resilience of our sector. Our Networks Funding aims to support these beliefs, and we will offer financial support to groups or networks across England to help them grow and thrive. This might be through helping them to build robust partnerships, strengthen fundraising skills, or bring together a group with the aim of developing a new discussion. 

We are operating in extraordinary circumstances and many of the conventional ways that networks choose to meet, and work will no longer be appropriate as the country adapts to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and our government’s guidance around social distancing and self-isolation. As such, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is bringing forward its next allocation of Networks Funding to support the sector in thinking about new ways of working – innovative approaches to virtual support mechanisms, investing in software to help existing networks to sustain themselves, and ensuring that remote, sole fundraisers can feel part of something bigger during this difficult time. We want to ensure that what emerges from these networks will be embedded so we will additionally provide support to groups awarded funding in this round through access to our pool of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy trainers. 

What can we support?

Organisations and groups can apply for support towards the cost of speakers, trainers, software to facilitate virtual meetings, resource materials and any other relevant expenditure for an event or activity to take place before Monday 7th September 2020. The team at Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy can also provide guidance in good software for use in these circumstances as well as the relative pros and cons.

Our priority will be to help fund a diverse range of virtual Network events tackling key issues within the current fundraising environment. We have identified the following five priority areas that we would like to target: 

  • The establishment or development of networks supporting sole fundraisers working in the arts
  • Activity supporting arts fundraisers to respond to the current pandemic crisis
  • Activities supporting arts organisations in maintaining dialogue with donors
  • Networks or activity supporting the wellbeing of arts fundraisers having to homework
  • Activities supporting individuals or organisations working in the arts to maintain business as usual, and to continue to develop relationships with funders, donors and corporates

We also welcome applications for projects working in other areas where you are able to demonstrate an urgent need or added value for your community and the wider sector. 

This funding is open to applications from individuals, constituted and un-constituted networks and organisations and can be for up to £500 for either a single event or series of activities. Where appropriate we will also support successful applications by assigning an Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy trainer to support them shaping their thinking, facilitating an event or to provide advice and critical friend support to the group. The cost of this will be covered by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy and does not need to be included as part of the budget requested. 

To apply, please submit a four-page proposal or a video of up to 10 minutes to include:

  1. The name, purpose and membership of your network/group.
  2. Details of the activity you would like to receive support for, and how this activity will help strengthen fundraising skills across the group/cohort.
  3. What you would like the money to cover in terms of the costs of the event, and how this will help your existing group do something new, or help you establish a new network/group;
  4. How learning will be distributed throughout your group/cohort, and more widely if applicable;
  5. How you will work with an Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy trainer to support your work being sustainable and embedded into your network

An outline budget, with expenditure and income for the event, including a breakdown of the costs you would like to be covered by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy should be sent as a separate document. Within this round of Networks Funding there is no requirement for additional income to be part of the budget.  

Diversity and Inclusion

We welcome applications from a wide range of individuals and organisations, to reflect the diversity of artists and audiences for art and culture across England. Our definition of diversity encompasses race, ethnicity, faith, disability, age, gender, sexuality, class and economic disadvantage and any social and institutional barriers that prevent people from creating, participating or enjoying art and culture.

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from networks and groups that offer support to individuals that respond to this definition of diversity, and/or support to staff within organisations that are themselves committed to helping beneficiaries from diverse backgrounds.

We would prefer to support networks and groups that have not previously received support from the programme. However, we will accept proposals from networks & groups we have previously supported that would like to do something different or expand their group or reach in some way. 

We will expect all applicants to include within their proposals ways in which they will ensure that their event(s) are fully inclusive and accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds.

How will decisions be made?

We will consider the following when making our decisions:

  • The benefit of the activity for the network or group members
  • The benefit of the activity for strengthening arts, cultural or heritage fundraising across the region or sector that the group represents
  • The balance of support we can offer to individuals and groups across England, taking into account our commitment to reach a diverse range of individuals and networks;

How can I apply?

If you would like to apply for this round of Networks Funding, please email your proposal to, to reach us by email no later than on 17th April 2020. 


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